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by Keith Taylor

Welcome to Keith Taylor’s Internet Content.

I’ve published this website to help you arrange routine activities and small project tasks more efficiently.

Keith Taylor's Internet Content History

The best way to see how my personal blog has developed is to browse Keith Taylor’s Internet Content in The Wayback Machine.

Shrewdies.net Status

Currently, I am replacing keith.1drous.me on WordPress with the Eleventy Jamstack platform. I refer to this process as WordPress transmigration. Because I want to differentiate it from WordPress migration. As that normally refers to moving a WordPress installation from one server to another.

Shrewdies.net Intentions

My intentions for this site are:

  • Complete the ‘Admin’ pages that will form the defaults for all my websites.
  • Post updates about my other website changes as often as I can.

One of my first projects is to improve the efficiency of my WordPress Transmigration procedure. So I’ll summarize important developments of that PROSPRA project as I publish more.

My first priority now is to complete switching from my WordPress server. Then I the will continue transmigration with new and revised content using Jamstack.

Please note that I don’t intend to transfer any articles from my old blog. But if you want an update on something in the archive (linked above), let me know using the ‘Issues’ link below.

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Your Next Steps

If you are familiar with RSS, this website does have a live feed that you can follow now. But I will explain that more as I complete the ‘About Keith Taylor’ pages.

Finally, I hope you will comment on, and start your own, Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issues. Because that’s the best way to encourage me to put your concerns at the top of my ToDo List.

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