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by Keith Taylor

Helping Keith Taylor Introduction

The rest of this website is all about how Keith Taylor’s Internet Content helps you. And the Search Page in this admin section also helps you find the information you need. But this page is about payback - how can you return the favor(s) and help to improve Keith Taylor’s Internet Content.

You might have already noticed the collaboration links near the end of most Keith Taylor pages. I hope you will help me with comments on existing issues. And also realize that raising new issues is one of the best ways you can help me. Because Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issues are the main way I improve the content here.

However, there are many other ways you can help. And most of them cost you nothing more than a few moments of your time.

Share Keith Taylor Content

Please help me spread the word about Keith Taylor’s Internet Content. After you’ve read an interesting Keith Taylor article, please share it on social networks, email, or any other way that you communicate with friends and associates.

Tip Keith Taylor Writers

I hope you are using the Brave browser that’s the best way for you to maintain your website privacy. If you are, you’re probably earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). So the Brave browser allows you to give these to Keith Taylor writers. See Brave Browser Tipping for more information (in preparation).

If you’re using Keith Taylor’s Internet Content wisely, you are probably able to earn more. Also, you might be able to save on some professional fees by being better prepared to discuss concerns with your consultants. So if Keith Taylor is adding value for you, please consider sharing some. It’s easy to donate in any currency by card or by bank transfer.

Please give Help to Keith Taylor

Your Keith Taylor Help

Please choose your favorite ways to payback some of the value you’ve received from Keith Taylor’s Internet Content. You can choose any or all of:

  • Time: Sharing Keith Taylor content
  • Tokens: Tipping Keith Taylor writers
  • Money: Donating to Keith Taylor writers

Also, you can help by commenting on Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issues. Or start a new issue if your concerns are not already being discussed (spot the big green New Issue button on that issues page).

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