How can I earn as I help?
Sink your keith into Web3 Social Support.

Proof Of Social Support

by Keith Taylor

This is something of a test post to prove that integrating Web3 social chat into a Web2 site can provide the potential for a new social support environment. Leading to a range of support styles. From corporate "giffgaff" style structured customer service. To free-flow "amateur" style ad-hoc user support.

So this is my Proof Of Social Support (POSS). A working example of Web3 Sting Chat integrated into a Web2 site. With endless thanks to mirafun, PeakD, and the Hive Blockchain.

Endless POSSibilities

My vision is:

  • A group of like-minded people who get the giffgaff concept and are excited about its potential on Web3
  • Pro packages that companies can buy, with a range of features
  • Self-served packages that people or organizations can customize for their own needs
  • A working example of each type of community that can develop and market new packages according to real-life experiences

So anyone could earn money from:

  • Supporting fellow fans of their favorite products/services
  • Add Social Support to their own website
  • Provide paid Social Support as an Agent, Moderator, or Manager

With the first two opportunities available now. And the paid opportunities available as the market is established.

Help people and earn money
Help people and earn money

Your POSSibilities

Would you like to explore the POSSibilities of earning through Web3 customer service? Then use the (as yet untested) Sting Chat dialog here to Direct Message @keithtaylor.

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