GoutPal.com Changes Through The Years
See how GoutPal has led Keith's WordPress career.

GoutPal.com Through The Years

by Keith Taylor

GoutPal.com Platforms 2005-2021

For this article, I’m using screenshots from the GoutPal Archive. Which is a great place to find information that has been deleted from the Internet. So I like to look back at early versions of my content to see how it changes through time. Espcially to see how fashions in website deployment platforms and Internet access devices influence page design.

As an aside, that reminds me to look for other early content that I’ve been involved with. But that’s for another day. So I’ll crack on with some GoutPal facts. For today, I’m looking at 4 significant changes for GoutPal.com. Then I’ll look at other GoutPal site changes as time allows.

GoutPal.com 2005

GoutPal.com 2005 Proprietary Dial-up Platform
GoutPal.com 2005 Proprietary Dial-up Platform

I don’t want to get bogged down with the problems that surfaced from my first GoutPal platform. Except to say that they prompted me to enjoy several years of WordPress development. In fact, I’ve omitted my first platform switch. Because I’ll probably cover it when I look at transmigrating websites onto WordPress.

Anyway, my first archive snapshot shows the first 2 pages that started today’s huge GoutPal collection. I recall being a little too obsessed with rhyme. At the time. I doubt. That’ll wear out.

GoutPal.com 2011

GoutPal.com 2011 WordPress Technical Masterpiece
GoutPal.com 2011 WordPress Technical Masterpiece

Though I describe this as a technical masterpiece, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is not the best design you’ve ever seen. In hindsight, that central navigation menu was a stroke of genius. At least as far as guiding visitors towards the best content. So I should have retained a restyled version in the next design. Or perhaps I should redevelop it as a static site component?

The navigation significance is best seen by browsing the GoutPal archive leading up to the next change. Because you can see how the excerpt is displayed prior to clicking a link. So visitors see what a page is about before they commit to it. But what you can’t see is that the presentation sequence is dynamic. So it allowed me to push the most attractive content to the top of the list.

GoutPal.com 2012

GoutPal.com 2012 Professional WordPress Design
GoutPal.com 2012 Professional WordPress Design

At last, the big white G on GoutPal blue background. I can’t see myself changing that. But who knows what’s around the corner?

GoutPal.com 2021

GoutPal.com 2021 Static Smartphone Site
GoutPal.com 2021 Static Smartphone Site

Finally, we reach the latest version of GoutPal.com. Now “Built In Public”. Primarily for smartphone users. With WordPress content included. Ready to be absorbed into it’s new static home.

GoutPal Progress Summary

I may consider offering a paid WordPress Transmigration service. But my main focus is to document the procedures so that people can do it themselves.

Ideally, I can collaborate with other WordPress Transmigration experts. Then we can cover more use cases. Also, I’m unlikely to consider paid services without the support of a like-minded team.

Your GoutPal Platform

You’ve learned about my website platforms for GoutPal. So are you interested most in continuing WordPress Transmigration? Or do you prefer to collaborate on content? Either way, I need your input to create more help services.

Think about how you are affected by WordPress Transmigration. Maybe you want to search here and follow links to collect more related information. Then join the discussion(s) about WordPress Transmigration. But if there are no discussions relevant to you, start a new discussion about WordPress Transmigration.

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