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Knowledge Map Researching Humanism For Dummies

Following more reorganization, I’m relaunching Shrewdies.org as a library. So this is where I store the knowledge I extract when I’m researching new articles or significant updates. Also, I will explain some practical aspects of tools that I use. Though I’ll try to limit those explanations. Because I’m dedicating Shrewdies.com as a learning resource.

So I’ll start with a topic that I care about personally. Yet I’ve never got round to researching and writing about – Humanism. For a few reasons…

  1. It was one of the last topics I introduced when this was a forum site.
  2. I’m interested in taking a quick look at the scale of this subject.
  3. My first peek revealed some interesting knowledge-mining phenomena.

Humanism for Dummies

Following a “tradition” I started over 10 years ago, I’m looking for humanism knowledge for dummies. If you’re not familiar with the “For Dummies” concept, please bear with me. Because I’ll explain it separately. But for now, I’ll present my knowledge list. Which is my first step in gathering my sources.

Scholar Knowledge Mining

My first resource for non-medical research topics is usually Google Scholar. Sometimes I will create alerts. Particularly for long-term projects where I need reminders. But normally I just use a query. However, it pays to get to know the Scholar advanced search features. Especially the Google search shortcuts that also work in Scholar.

Ideals of humanism

Citation: Goriunova, Olga, and Alexei Shulgin. “Artistic Software for Dummies, and, by the way, Thoughts about the New World Order.” Goriunova & Shulgin, eds. Software Art: Thoughts, Read_me festival 1 (2002): 6-9.

Cited by 5 but no citing journals include humanism facts.

Artistic Software for Dummies and, by the way … At the same time the ideals of humanism decline – as a consequence of technological progress as well … During the preceding, humanistic epoch, the artist was placed very high in society (artist: demiurge, poet: the ruler of people’s…)

Here, humanism is just a mention. Because this source is about “Artistic Software for Dummies”. So normally, I would have ignored this. But I’m including it to illustrate what is often a good general starting point.

Google Knowledge Mining

Standard Google can usefully support Scholar searches. Though the trick is to focus on reliable sources. So I often search government sites – at home, abroad, or both. However, you will see that this can have one unfortunate quality problem.

Humanist Approach-withdrawal

Citation: Cherubino, Patrizia, Ana C. Martinez-Levy, Myriam Caratu, Giulia Cartocci, Gianluca Di Flumeri, Enrica Modica, Dario Rossi, Marco Mancini, and Arianna Trettel. “Consumer Behaviour through the Eyes of Neurophysiological Measures: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends.” Computational intelligence and neuroscience 2019 (2019).

Cited by 2 but no citing journals include humanism facts.

18 Sep 2019 – … findings revealed that the “humanist” group reported higher approach-withdrawal and … Genco S. J., Pohlmann A. P., Steidl P. Neuromarketing for Dummies.

Again, humanism is just a mention. Because this source is about “Neuromarketing for Dummies”. But in this case there might be something of interest. So in a real research project I would see if this source has more useful information. Then I would include a much better quote with citation.

Humanist Point Of View

Public Comment Index on the National Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and the National Alzheimer’s Project Act

17 Apr 2020 – Our current social policies view dementia care options with a Humanist lens, but … I almost need a hotel for dummies on a piece of paper to read as I needed for …

Though I’m intrigued by “hotel for dummies”, I don’t feel there’s much relevance to my project here. So I’ll move on…
Garbled Results from Google Search
But wait – the rest of this Google search for government sources is very poor quality. Clearly, there is a large collection of scanned documentation. That has not been proofread or quality checked.

Which is why I launched my curated search alternative earlier…

Croogle Knowledge Mining

Croogle Filters Low Quality Knowledge
Croogle Filters Low Quality Knowledge

Notice how I filter low quality results from the Croogle Search Engine.

Now, I’m not going to continue adding those results to my list of knowledge sources. Because this is just an example. But I hope you get the idea.

More importantly, I hope you find my future practical examples much more useful. Because they will provide:

  • Useful knowledge.
  • Links to explanations and learning opportunities.
  • Collaborative research projects.

Your Humanism Knowledge

I hope that quick introduction has whetted your appetite for more humanism knowledge. So what’s your experience and opinions? Please share your thoughts and/or ask questions using the feedback form below.

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