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Shrewdies Research Ideas

These are sources of information that look interesting and useful. So when I get time, I will publish a review here.

YMYL – Your Money or Your Life
When SEO became a two-tier game. Lots to look at, starting with:

  • … which define webpages containing information that may affect the users’ health or financial stability, as “your money your life” (YMYL) pages. These guidelines reveal that when rating YMYL webpages, Google looks at the three criteria of Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness (E …

    Ghezzi, Pietro, Peter G. Bannister, Gonzalo Casino, Alessia Catalani, Michel Goldman, Jessica Morley, Marie Neunez et al. “Online information of vaccines: information quality is an ethical responsibility of search engines.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.00898 (2019).

  • … Web page visitor: The person who enters a website. Your money or your life topics: The topics affecting users’ financial or health condition. Page 12. x … daily life. At this point, the motivation types for finding information online should be examined in terms of the effect on lives …

    Çakır, Okan. “Trust factor in online health communication: Approach of users to news sites in Turkey.” (2019).

  • … signals regarding inaccurate content or debunked conspiracy theories into its recommendation system for queries related to YMYL topics … YMYL is an abbreviation for Your Money Your Life …

    Fard, Amir Ebrahimi, and Shajeeshan Lingeswaran. “Misinformation Battle Revisited: Counter Strategies from Clinics to Artificial Intelligence.” In Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2020, pp. 510-519. 2020.

  • … The chosen queries also do not correlate to YMYL (‘Your Money or Your Life’) websites. These are websites that Google holds to a higher ‘Page Quality’ standard than any other type of a website (Slegg, 2019). They are categorized …

    Cirovic, Strahinja. Comparative analysis of SEO factors across and within distinct industries–ecommerce, hospitality, telecommunications. No. GRI-2020-26734. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2020.

Difference between bunion and arthritis
Good starting point (though limited quality):
Abu-Naser, Samy S., and Ali O. MAHDI. "A proposed expert system for foot diseases diagnosis." (2016).
Also consider other faqs:

  1. bunion x ray image / x-ray of bunion
  2. bunion or arthritis
  3. hallux valgus x ray
  4. bunion radiology

hallux valgus is the medical term for bunion.

Shrewdies Research Articles

These are reference sources for existing articles. As soon as I finish them, I update the relevant pages.

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