Mobile Device-Based Learning Environment

Review sections for MDBLE

Introduction to Mobile Device-Based Learning Environment

Looking to update an earlier reference to bbPress. I started to look for published works featuring that well-known WordPress forum plugin. Then I made two observations:

  1. Very few people research bbPress except as an incidental element.
  2. Technology research is soon outdated.

Anyway, I found one study that met the bbPress criteria. Especially interesting to me as it is mostly about learning. So this is my review of:
Ayala, Peter LuVert. “Participant Perceptions of Learning to Play Guitar in a Mobile Device Based Learning Environment (MDBLE): A Case Study of Gitshed. Com.” PhD diss., University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 2018.

MDBLE Purpose

Mobile Device-Based Learning Environment (MDBLE) includes a long section explaining its purpose. With a complex 50-word sentence summarizing purpose in the abstract (below). Then the heart of the purpose section reveals the intention succinctly.

The purpose is to show how this Mobile Device-Based Learning Environment can produce positive learning outcomes. Through a combination of five elements:

  • Community of Practice (using bbPress)
  • Social media
  • Video-based instruction
  • Videoconferencing support
  • Face-to-face interaction

Abstract of MDBLE Report

MDBLE Jargon

I would normally start with a translation of the published extract in layman’s terms. Maybe I’m too familiar with the subjects to notice tech and education jargon. But apart from a couple of terms, I believe the abstract is readable. Though as a dissertation abstract it doesn’t follow the familiar structure of regular journal extracts.

So I considered rewriting the original abstract in the more familiar Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion format. Then I decided I would spend my time better by explaining jargon here. Thus freeing my time to explain the longer-than-usual conclusions.

Anyway, next I explain the two jargon terms. But I urge you to let me know if other terms are not clear to you.

Gamification Meaning

In the technology context, gamification means adding incentives to a program that encourage participation through challenges and rewards.

Ayala defines this in his Definition of Key Terms as:

Gamification – The implementation of game based learning principles into instructional practice.

Subsequently, he notes: “Gamification was used to add an element of challenge and reward intended to support learner engagement”. Coincidentally, he achieved this as I did in my earlier experiments. By gamifying bbPress with myCred and related techniques.

Flipped Instruction Meaning

In the education context, Flipped Instruction refers to the practice of students self-study of learning material. Followed by practical application of principles guided by a teacher. In a sequence regarded as switched or flipped from the traditional sequence. That is teacher-led instruction followed by student assignment.

Ayala defines this in his Definition of Key Terms as:

Flipped Instruction – “Started with a simple observation: Students need their teachers present to answer questions or to provide help if they get stuck on an assignment; they don’t need their teachers present to listen to a lecture or review content. From there, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams (2012) began the flipped classroom – students watched recorded lectures for homework and completed their assignments, labs, and tests in class with their teacher available”

So this use of “Flipped” is followed by Instruction, Classroom, Learning, Teaching, or other educational term.

Original Abstract

Mobile devices are transcending educational and professional environments at an ever-increasing rate by redefining our understanding of how, when and where we learn. The purpose of the study was to inform researchers of the attitudes and opinions related to the participant experience in a Mobile Device-Based Learning Environment (MDBLE) and to improve the effectiveness of the web-based instructional module, mobile videoconference intervention, and the social mobile learning aspects of the MDBLE. This research employed a single case study design that thoroughly investigated and documented student experiences using the MDBLE. The bounding frame was comprised of the literature on mobile technology, mobile learning theories, community of practice, social media, gamification and mobile flipped online instruction. Data gathered from interviews, surveys and researcher observations were analyzed to provide a rich description of the case. Overall results indicate that respondents were self-directed learners. Positive attitudes supported the belief that online courses provide opportunities for learners to interact with their peers via different channels, indicating a favorable desire for collaboration when taking online course. Multiple significant conclusions were reached.

MDBLE Conclusion

The “multiple significant conclusions” include:

Mobile Learning Environments Conclusion

Learners gained benefits from information retrieval. Also, they found mobile device features helpful. But they did not consider mobile devices as useful for videoconferencing communication.

Online Instruction Conclusion

Mobile technology is effective for online instruction. But its use depends on personal considerations.

Curating Content Conclusion

Instructors should select diverse, attractive content and display it well. Then pick activities to match.

Measured Facilitation Conclusion

Let students chose when they need help. Rather than intrusive intervention. So apply the techniques of customer support, not telemarketing to the mobile learning environment.
Review sections for MDBLE

You, Me, and MDBLE

Currently, my research articles on this site are of four nonexclusive types. So this page is types 3 and 4:

  1. Support my articles on other websites.
  2. Support new or updated articles that I’m working on.
  3. Form ideas for potential articles.
  4. Offer opportunities for collaborative learning with you and other readers.

This article started out as a quest for an example of a bbPress study. But has revealed to me an opportunity for enhancing my own learning services. So I will examine the five elements of MDBLE. Later, I might apply any or all of these elements. However, I have no immediate plans to do so. Unless you wish to change my mind about the urgency of such a project.

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