Let me learn you

Let me learn you is my 7 step personal online mentoring procedure. So, this explains how I provide online mentoring. Thus, you learn how to learn quicker, using a few simple processes. Also, you will know why I say, let me learn you. Instead of, let me teach you.

Let me learn you Audience

Do you want me to help you learn online? Then, I wrote Let me learn you for you. But, even if you are using other forms of learning, it will help you understand mentoring. However, if you have specific issues that you want guidance with right now, please ask in Shrewdies Learning Forum.

The Online Learning Problems

The biggest problem about learning online is, it’s hard to verify the veracity of your online mentor. Because all you have to go on is marketing literature. So, I remove that obstacle by doing all mentoring in public, without charge. Then, if you don’t like my style, you can leave. Because, I do not place any obligations on you. Moreover, you can see everything before you start. So, if you’re not impressed with what I write, you have no need to join. In short, I do not put obstacles to learning in your way. Instead, I help you breakdown learning barriers wherever you encounter them.

Next, we have two problems that mirror each other. Firstly, you may not know enough about the topic to ask the right questions. So, I solve that by publishing lessons, and step-by-step learning plans. Secondly, I may not know enough about you to prepare the personal guidance that is most relevant to you. So, this introduction to my online mentoring procedure will help you.

Let me learn you

My 7 step Let me learn you mentoring process is:

  1. Let me learn what you want.

    That is where you tell me what you want me to help you achieve.

  2. Let me learn about you.

    Now that we’ve been introduced, you can start to add personal facts to your Personal Learning Profile. Then, all forum users can make responses that are most relevant to you.

  3. Let me learn what you need to know.

    In case there are options, we work together to define which options suit you best. But, we can skip this step for simple learning plans.

  4. Let me learn how you learn.

    Before we start actual learning, this is the final preparation step. To clarify, you tell me how you prefer to learn. For example, asking questions over lots of reading. So, I can make sure my advice, and learning tasks, match your preferences.

  5. Let me learn to teach you.

    At last, you start to learn new facts, and understand new concepts. At the same time, I’m learning what works best for you. Accordingly, I adjust my mentoring techniques to suit you.

  6. Let me know, did you learn?

    Finally, you’ve achieved what we planned earlier. But, if not, we can clarify any weaknesses.

  7. Let me learn you more.

    Although I said “Finally” for the previous step, it wasn’t really the end. Because, now you have a base on which to learn more. For example, you might combine all you’ve learned about web page publishing to learn how to run your own website. Ultimately, you might learn how to provide your own mentoring services. Then, more people can learn more.

In conclusion, I hope you see that mentoring is not teaching. Although, there are common elements. We could say that you teach me about yourself, including your needs and ambitions. Then, I teach you some facts and concepts that will help you achieve what you want. But, I notice that ‘teach’ is often associated with formal education. So, I focus on ‘learn’, and informal learning together.

7 Step Checklist image

Step 1 – tell me what you want to achieve.

What will you learn me?

I hope you can use my 7 step mentoring service to learn something important to you. If you need me to clarify any part of my procedure, please add your comments below. Otherwise, start your own personal learning experience now. Just tell me what you want me to help you achieve.

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