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Introducing Shrewdies Exercise Template

Here, I am introducing Shrewdies Exercise Template.

The exercise below is an example of how exercises work.
It is aimed at people who are interested in improving Shrewdies Services.
I.e. it is not a true exercise.
It is an example of how Shrewdies Exercises work.

[exercise template] is written for [Shrewdies Mentors and trainees].
It will show you how to layout your exercise posts.

[exercise template] Introduction

Shrewdies Exercises are often mixed on websites with other types of information. To emphasize learning articles, we use a common layout.

The body of the exercise will always differ. But, each exercise needs common components. Before you start, you can think of up to 3 points that readers must remember. Don’t worry if this isn’t obvious at the start. You can write your exercise first, then highlight Key Points when you review before publishing.

Good exercises should make people think. You can encourage this by asking questions. This is particularly important to help your reader understand the context of your exercise. Ask up to three Questions that encourage the reader to apply your facts to their situation. Why do you think you should ask no more than three?

If you ask too many questions, your reader will lose focus and become confused. It is always better to split topics into more than one exercise. Some topics require a 7-step lesson (see lesson template, coming soon).

By now, you might be worrying there is too much to remember. You might think you’ll never finish your first exercise. Don’t worry!

You only have to remember the key points from this exercise. All the components for styling your exercise are in a template that you can use. Your mentor will style your first exercise using that template. That let’s you see the styling changes that have been made. In the next exercise, I will explain all the components, but you never have to remember them.

You should always concentrate on explaining facts clearly. The most important components are the key points that you want your reader to remember about your topic. Your mentor will not ask you to learn more, until you are happy with this exercise.

Next, you will see the summary of this exercise. For your first few exercises, your mentor will help you write your summaries.

I will include exercise summaries in the next article in this series. Make sure that you don’t miss it.

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WordPress Exercise Template screenshot

What does your WordPress Exercise Template look like?

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