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Introducing Learning Depth For Shrewdies

Introducing Learning Depth For Shrewdies is aimed at people who want to understand how to start learning with Shrewdies. I’ve written it to encourage you to tell me how intensely you want to learn.

You might not even consider yourself a learner. But, I’m here to teach stuff, and I don’t know what else to call you. You decide.

If you want me to call you something other than a learner, then that’s what the comments box below is for. I don’t like labeling people. But, it helps me to target my articles at specific groups of people. I know that you are an individual within a group. And, it can be a group of one!

That’s the heart of People Powered Learning. You tell me what you want to know, and how you want me to explain it. Along the way, I’ll suggest things that you can learn. I might even suggest things I think you should learn. But in the end, you tell me what you want from me.

First, I need to tell you how I can help you. It really depends on how involved you want to be. How intensely do you want to learn? Here are the different depths of involvement as I see them.

Learning Depth For Shrewdies

Ships in the night.
You see my advert, and learn something from it without clicking. I learn how many people are potential visitors for each service I advertise. 1 Million per month.
Anonymous Visitors.
You learn my facts, explanations, exercises, and lessons. I learn which topics are most popular. 100K per month.
Engaged Visitors.
You sign up to anonymous update services. I learn how much interest I’m generating. 50 per month.
Casual Members.
You start sharing your questions, experiences, and opinions. I learn more about you. 10 per month.
Committed Members.
You learn subjects in ways that suit you. I learn how to answer questions better. Still waiting.
You learn how to help others. I learn your ways and improve mine. Maybe next year.
We do joint projects together. So much fun, we don’t realize we’re learning and teaching. I live in hope.

There can be a vocational aspect to this, but that’s for a separate “Earn while you learn” article. Or a “Learn while you earn” article if you prefer. Tell me.

Depth Of Learning Levels photo

What’s the depth of your thirst for learning?

My challenge now, is making transition easy for you. You should go from passing fancy to firm friend at your own pace. You should always know what’s ahead for you. And, you should know your choices for moving forward.

Your Learning Depth

Anyway, you’ve made the transition from “Ships in the night” to “Anonymous Visitor”. You might have even gone beyond that. If not, please let me know how interested you are in learning more. Subscribe to my update service:

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You’ve learned how your Shrewdies Learning Depth depends on how involved you want to be. You say how deep you want to go. From simple facts, to life-enhancing projects. You learn what you want at your own pace. The best among you will help others to learn, either with me, or on your own.

I really hope you’ll be one of the ten-in-a-million that join Shrewdies as a member. Just leave a comment below. Or share your thoughts in the forum.

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