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Introducing Internet User Groups For Shrewdies

Introducing Internet User Groups For Shrewdies is about organizing Internet Services to match different users. It is aimed at everyone who uses the Internet. This is a discussion to identify different groups of Internet users. Then, we can improve Internet Support Services for every type of user.

I first mentioned user groups in Discovering British Internet Service Providers.

Do you need Internet user access, website hosting, or both?

As I improve all my Internet Support Services, I need to identify different groups of Internet Users. Then, I can target my website content at the most relevant audience.

Your needs depend on the types of Internet Service you use. First of all, we are all Internet Users. But, we need Internet access for different reasons. Therefore, obvious groups are Internet Surfers, and Website Owners. Besides those two, which other types of Internet user are there?

With this in mind, I’ve started this project to identify different Internet User Groups. Consequently, I can refine my Internet Service Provider Database. I can see that I can refine that database already.

For example, Website Owners are interested in Internet Service Providers who provide hosting servers. However, they are also Internet Surfers, and so they require Internet Access Points.

Shrewdies User Groups 2016 image

Which Internet User Group do you belong to?

Internet User Groups For Shrewdies

I’m certain that other groups will emerge, as I improve that Internet Services database. Also, I will identify other groups as I develop and promote more Internet Support Services. Most of all, you will tell me what you use the Internet for. And, you will tell me what Internet help you need.

Consequently, my full list of Shrewdies Internet User Groups will emerge.

Do you have any thoughts about different types of Internet Users? If so, please share them. You can add comments below. Or, share your thoughts about Internet User Groups in the Internet Learning forum.

1 thought on “Introducing Internet User Groups For Shrewdies

  1. Anna

    I think, between Internet Surfers and Website Owners, we have Webmasters. For one-man-bands, the business owner is also the webmaster. But, I think they are two different hats that every sole proprietor gets used to swapping.

    The the two roles separate technical website responsibility from organization management responsibility.

    Within Website Owners group, there will be managers who are concerned with controlling three issues: profits; audience; and membership. However, I don’t think we need to distinguish between commercial and community organizations. Managers responsible for websites need to address all three issues. But, with different priorities.

    For Internet Surfers, there might be a case or distinguishing between levels of engagement. E.g. anonymous visitors and committed members. But, for most websites, I think this is site-specific depending on target audience.

    To summarize, I think there are three Internet user groups:
    – Internet Surfers
    – Webmasters
    – Website Owners

    For this website, which is dedicated to general learning, there might be other user groups. But, here we are specifically addressing Internet Users. I cannot think of any other subgroups that make sense in this context. There might be a separate group for Internet Service Providers. I think we need to improve the Internet Services directory before we consider if that is a suitable target user group.

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