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    I got a request to create a website for “Bride and Groom’s wedding photos to be uploaded for people to add to it”

    But I tried that before and realized how complicated it gets. Because there are all sorts of tech problems with security, accessibility, file sizes, server load, etc, etc. So the obvious solution was to use an existing app like Wedpics or Wedbox. But when I looked at them I was horrified.

    I should explain how expensive wedding album apps are, and why they don’t work. But I’ll review those later. Because this is really about the best Shared Wedding Album service – mine!

    Shared Wedding Album Service

    Google Photos Shared Albums

    Is Google Photos the best way to share wedding albums?

    Specifically, I use Shared Albums from Google Photos to collect the photos and videos from wedding guests. Then I help the bride and groom curate their shared album to produce shared wedding memories on their own website. So if you have any questions about how my service works, please ask here. As well as asking about the shared wedding album, you can also ask about the wedding website that will show the galleries once the bride and groom have selected their favorites.

    Or, you can start a new wedding album topic.

    Note that I haven’t started marketing this yet as a public service. Because I just started it for a family wedding. So most people reading this will be family members who can contact me privately with questions. But I much prefer to discuss this in public. So if it’s not confidential, please ask about shared wedding albums here.

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