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    Keith Taylor
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    In January 2017, I plan to visit North Carolina. The rough outline is to spend around a week each in North Carolina, then States to the South, then States to the North. Probably ending up in Washington DC. But, New York, or elsewhere, are possibilities.

    I’m using this topic to generate some ideas. In a week, I want to be in a position to book flights. The starting point is UK to Raleigh, NC.

    I discussed this briefly today with the friend I am traveling with. We got as far as agreeing to investigate some possibilities for overnight stays. Charlotte NC is on the list, but not definite. Followed by a rail trip up to five hours. A short stay, then another rail trip up to five hours.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

    Are you wondering why this is in a learning forum? I want to learn about North Carolina, and neighboring States. If I learn anything worth passing on, I want to teach it to others. It’s what I do.

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    Keith Taylor
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    I intended writing more about the planning stages for this trip. But, I only had time to do one or two posts. However, I now have my travel blog organized.

    So, this topic can be used for discussing my travels.

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