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    Keith Taylor
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    I notice is a Cloudflare hosting company.

    Is it reliable? And, cost effective?

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    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1,191.66

    Actually, I think I can answer my own question here. It isn’t listed in CloudFlare Optimized Partners, so probably nothing special. In fact, it isn’t in Certified partners, on that page, either.

    What we really need is a review of CloudFlare Optimized Partners. And, an explanation of the advantages from different aspects of included CloudFlare services. It seems that different partners include different services. Some are more important than others depending on the nature of the website being hosted.

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    KeČaTa Community Management
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    Cloudflare has stopped publishing a list of Optimized Partners. But they do explain the difference between Certified and Optimized Partners. Because only Optimized Partners can offer the Railgun service.

    Cloudflare Optimized Partner badge

    Look for Cloudflare Optimized Partners to get Railgun

    So, I’d like to see some experiences of using Railgun with a Cloudflare Optimized Partner. Have you used one, or do you actually sell such a service? Please share your experience here.

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