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    Keith Taylor
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    I’m seriously considering using Patreon as an addition to (or replacement for) my advertising/commission vocation rewards model.

    It seems to be page based – i.e. one page per Patreon account. But, I have many projects. I believe I will get better response with separate Patreon pages for each project. I’ve searched the Patreon help, but I can’t find an answer.

    Can I create multiple pages from one Patreon account?

    Multiple Patreon Accounts

    How many Patreon Pages do you need?

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    No, you need to create a separate account for each Patreon page. However, there is a handy tip that I’m researching. Let me check it’s effectiveness, and I’ll get back to you in a moment….

    Yes! This works:


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    Keith Taylor
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    That’s amazing! 😀

    Adding an account+ to email addresses must have lots of uses. I never realized you could do this. Or, I learned it so long ago I’ve forgotten. The ‘randomstuff’ can be numbers or words.

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    Keith Taylor
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    I’ve added email address tagging to Internet Tips ‘n’ Tricks. As I said there, I’d be very interested to know how you use this technique.

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    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1,191.66

    It’s worth noting that, despite the tip for using multiple Patreon accounts, I soon stopped using the Patron service.

    My main reason for doing this is financial. Because I feel that Patreon overcharges for the service by levying fees on both donors and donees.

    Now, if collecting money was difficult, I might be more supportive of Patron. But it’s very easy to collect donations by adding a PayPal donation button. So I have had success with both one-off and monthly donations. Because I focus on giving visitors great value.

    If you are considering using Patreon. Or if you are considering stopping their service. I can help you with alternative ways to get donations.

    Please note that my advice on Patreon alternatives is completely free. However, payment services such as PayPal will still charge a small fee when you get donations. But the amount is reasonable for the ability to process credit and debit cards. More importantly, it’s a small fraction of Patreon fees.

    So I advise learning about Patreon techniques for attracting donations. Then use PayPal to collect the payments.

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