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    I know that you can’t generally track analytics within an iframe on your own web page. Although, I can vaguely recall some workarounds involving mouseover, etc.

    Anyway, I want to look at it from the other side. For example, I provide a service on a web page. So, I format it so that clients can embed it in an iframe. Then encourage clients to use my service.

    Can I track when the iFrame is viewed? Preferably with the URL of the parent page. Also, if people submit a form, can I track the parent page? Ideally, I’d like to see 3 figures:
    1. Number of views.
    2. Number of clicks into the form on the page.
    3. Number of submissions.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to do this would be welcome. For instance, the page I’m embedding is a simple WordPress page. So is it more effective to use a different way of embedding, rather than iFrame?

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