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    I got stuck today trying to embed an image from my Google Drive into a web page.

    My problems started because the image I wanted to include in a forum post was on a server that prevented hotlinking. But, I’m happy with that. Because I apply hotlinking protection to all of my websites. So, I simply saved the image to my Public Google Drive folder. Then pasted the Google Drive Link.

    But, all I got was a broken image icon! 😥

    I double checked permissions, and the picture was definitely viewable even when I was not logged in to Google. Eventually, I found the magic key:

    Obviously, there is a little more to that. Because you have to add the id at the end. But that’s easy to find.

    In Google Drive, if you share your image, you will get a link that looks like:
    Or, depending on how you find the sharing link:

    So, you can see the id that has to be added to my first code to look like:

    Then, you can paste that in an <img> tag just like this:
    Was disappointed with embedding Google Drive Images

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