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    I was about to celebrate an increase in AdSense Page Views. Then I realized the numbers were too good to be true. I saw a massive increase in Page Views, but no corresponding increase in Estimated Earnings.

    Then I realized. I’ve started moving all AdSense adverts away from DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) back to AdSense. The main reason for that is the free Small Business version of DFP doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics. There appears to be a way round this, if you can contact customer service.

    Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to contact the correct account management team. If you choose the wrong option on DFP Contact Us page, you get a terse response from Google Support, telling you to use the Contact Us page. There’s at least 20 different contact forms on that page. I’m not going to waste time trying to work out which is the right one.

    As AdSense is currently my main advertising revenue source, it makes sense to switch advertising back to AdSense markup. But this might take a few days, because I want to ensure responsive ads are placed properly for mobile vs desktop.

    Is there a quick way to stop the double counting of Page Views in AdSense reports?

    adSense Pageview Growth chart

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    Keith Taylor
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    I assume the DFP script code is currently inserted by a Plugin, or similar?

    I think the best way is to change the current DFP code to it’s fixed-size equivalent in AdSense.

    Then, you can gradually introduce and test Responsive AdSense markup on one or two websites. When you’re happy with it, change the main advertising function code from fixed-size AdSense to Responsive AdSense.

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    Great idea. Thanks, I’ve done the first part now. AdSense code seems to be showing OK. The new code is currently not displaying adverts. I assume this is because the advertising bot has to re-evaluate the page? My existing responsive AdSense is displaying adverts OK.

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