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    I’ve launched Shrewdies Website Support Projects with a simple forum post. It deserves a complete explanation and guide.

    If you think this is a good idea, please click the Favorite link for this topic.

    If you have any ideas about what you would like to see in this guide. Please add replies below.

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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    I think it would be a good idea to include a range of different website project examples. I’ve just requested a project for some admin reports. This is quite a technical project. I think many website owners would be interested in more commercial projects. These might include:

    • Revitalizing old websites.
    • Starting a website with limited funds.
    • Creating a web business without a website – e.g. using Social Media.

    I think many potential users of this service will be put off by the absence of an application form. Is that a separate idea?

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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    As I just commented in another topic, the invitation to create website projects needs to be slicker.

    First, it should explain the benefits of projects. Preferably, that will link to more details on PROSPRA website. Included in those details, we need list of sites where projects are available. In this topic, the introduction should make the distinction between these projects, and the KeČaTa equivalent. Shrewdies projects are for every website. KeČaTa projects are for managed hosting clients.

    Then, we just need to start with the first 2 facts from the list above. Making it clear, choice of Internet User Group is optional. Then link to an article about how to increase chances of getting your project chosen for structured help.

    Finally, we need to clarify the scope of this sub-forum. As my latest ‘project application’ shows, these can be Internet Access projects, as well as Website projects. “Shrewdies Internet Support Projects” is the best alternative name I can think of, at the moment.

    What would you rename ‘Shrewdies Website Support Projects’ to?

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    Keith Taylor
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    “Finally, we need to clarify the scope of this sub-forum.” ‘Finally’ should be ‘First’

    This forum is for general Internet support. Therefore, the suggested title is correct.

    Shrewdies Internet Support Projects is for general projects that help people access the Internet. Access might be for viewing or creating Internet content. Where that content is related to a KeČaTa website, it is usual to use KeČaTa Website Owners Forum. But, website owners have the choice of which forum to use.

    Procedures for both forums should be similar. Shrewdies documentation should be a general purpose model, available for anyone to adapt and use. KeČaTa documentation is an adaptation of the general model. And, it should be clear that is the case, with appropriate licensing.

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