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    Keith Charlie Taylor
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    VEO is in the DNA of this organization!

    I just missed the right link to our Health Client’s Website Log (Site Log = Slog?). I ended up at site’s Search Analysis, and couldn’t resist a peek to see why. Among other things, it is audience trending for Visitor Experience Optimization!

    I think we should celebrate this by starting a Guide to VEO For Shrewdies Not For Dummies.

    Any ideas for the best way too start this?

    Sorry it’s not a fully developed idea yet. I had to log it while I’m doing another job, so I don’t forget!

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    Keith Taylor
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    Awesome! I love VEO. We need at least 3 new learning projects:

    • Learning VEO for Internet Surfers.
    • Learning VEO for Webmasters.
    • Learning VEO for Website Owners.

    Being the 3 Internet User Groups that Anna suggested in her comment.

    I’ve got one excellent quote lined up from that Health Website Log VEO award-winning article. I’ll get started on the learning projects in my next writing session here.

    Until I get those learning projects launched, please add your inspiring thoughts about VEO as Replies below.

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