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    I always answer helpdesk questions in public. Sometimes, comments are appropriate. Mainly, it is best to answer in forums. I believe this will encourage a small minority of people to post in the forum themselves.

    It is tedious to do this with normal bbPress. It means I have to:

    1. Open the forum to anonymous post.
    2. Log out.
    3. Post the topic or reply.
    4. Log in as Admin.
    5. Close the forum to anonymous post.

    I never want to post when logged in as admin. Can we trick bbPress into acting like I’m an anonymous user in the front end, when I’m logged in as admin?

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    Hey, it works well. This is crying out for a lesson explaining how you did it. I know the resource helped a lot.

    You can easily see what hooks are available. Not just for WordPress core. It’s exceptionally useful for plugins such as bbPress. Of course, you need to know what to look for. But, with everything on one page, it’s easier than trawling through a huge hierarchical codex. See everything about bbPress at

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