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    KeČaTa Community Management
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    I’ve found 3 WooCommerce comparison plugins by searching the WordPress repository for WooCommerce Compare:

    1. WooCommerce Compare List.
    2. Woocommerce Compare Products.
    3. YITH WooCommerce Compare.

    The last one, from Yith, looked the best, but I hated the popup comparison window. I found it very difficult to scroll around. I don’t understand why the developers want to restrict my viewport when I’m trying to compare a lot of data.

    The middle one, from A3Rev, seemed very complicated to setup. I spent about half an hour getting nowhere. I couldn’t get the comparison feature to work at all. It looks like it might do what I want, but I can’t get it to work.

    I eventually settled on the top one, from Themeisle. It’s the simplest, but I’d rather forgo features if I have something that works. I can accept the minimalist output screen. It has almost everything I absolutely cannot do without. Except it doesn’t show ratings. Ratings are my must-have feature, as I promote my website as a review site.

    Do you know a way to get the A3Rev plugin working? Or, how to add ratings to the Themeisle WooCommerce Compare List?

    WooCommerce Compare Products screenshot

    How do you compare products in WooCommerce?

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    Great question! And, thanks for the links to the plugins. I can see exactly what you are talking about.

    I can see scope for perhaps playing with the CSS styling for the YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin. But, that’s for another day, if anyone asks.

    I can see what you mean about Woocommerce Compare Products from A3Rev. Their WordPress Admin Interface is truly appalling. I can understand why developers want to promote their paid-for Pro plugin versions. But, what’s the point if potential customers walk away confused? If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a complete review and step-by-step guide.

    For now, there is an easy fix to WooCommerce Compare List from Themeisle. Unfortunately, it means hacking the code. I’ve requested that the developers incorporate the following change to their code. It’s in shortcode.php, where the header is produced for the comparison list. It simply needs the WooCommerce rating added to the title:
    echo '<a href="', get_permalink( $product_id ), '">', $product->get_title(), $product->get_rating_html(), '</a>';

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    Keith Taylor
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    I think there’s a bigger issue here. Standing back from the WooCommerce arguments, I question the whole idea of using eCommerce plugins for our resource databases (AKA Knowledge Bases).

    We have no foreseeable intention to sell anything. Current plans are for reviews with some affiliate links. As an aside on that, I believe we should aim for a maximum 38.2% affiliate links, but that’s for later. The only likely commercial items are hosting plans, and associated management services. They can probably be simple PayPal links.

    Therefore, I think we should investigate WordPress Rewards Plugins. Probably enhanced with Ultimate WP Query Search. We can test this out with Plugin and Theme reviews. If successful, extend it to other Categories, and retire current WooCommerce records.

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    Keith Taylor
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    I’ve tried 2 WordPress rewards plugins: WP Rewards, and Ultimate Rewards.

    Both fail to give the depth of data needed for features (i.e. replacement for WooCommerce Attributes functionality). WP Rewards has the added benefit of reviewing individual features. However, this might be an added level of complication.

    I think the best strategy is to continue with WooCommerce for now. We desperately need to catch up with overdue reviews. And, there are lots of areas we haven’t even started yet. Travel and health are both crying out for immediate action. And, it’s very wasteful to ignore reviews for products that are actively being traded.

    It’s important to add more reviews quickly. But, we also need to ensure data is accessible. Therefore, we should test Ultimate WP Query Search alongside WooCommerce for now. When I’ve done that, I will add a documentation task to my tasklist, for KeČaTa Community users.

    When traffic volumes justify further research, we can look at commercial review plugins compared to custom Pods development.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by  Keith Taylor. Reason: Added documentation task for KeČaTa Community
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      Keith Taylor
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      “I think the best strategy is to continue with WooCommerce for now.”

      That is now superseded by Time to start Authorship Markup. I will test WP SEO Structured Data Schema on a trial for Internet Security summaries at KeČaTa.

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