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    KeČaTa Community Management
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    I hoped to keep voting simple in bbPress. It has a Favorite feature. So, I thought it best to use that. However, it did not have an easy way of displaying top topics.

    I experimented with WP Ulike plugin. But, it has weaknesses:

    • Presentation of vote buttons with every Reply suggests that votes are for replies as well as topics.
    • Restrictions on removing previous likes are not explained.
    • It shows a very intrusive message to visitors who are not logged in.

    I’ve seen several other plugins that could be used. Maybe we could do a project to compare these? The bbPress voting plugin comparison would need to include bbPress Favorite in it’s native form. I think the first step is to list important features. Here’s a start, with some essential features:

    • Easy for users.
    • Easy to administer.
    • Present top rated topics.
    • Integrate with myCred.

    Other features that might be useful are:

    • Works with Posts, Pages, Media, Comments.
    • Works with Taxonomy index pages.
    • Works with WooCommerce.
    • Selective application.
    • Ability to ignore as standard, but use where votes are useful.
    • Markup for

    Is it best to experiment with plugins? Or, simply enhance favorites to provide the essentials? ❓

    bbPress Voting by Favorites screenshot

    How do you vote in WordPress?

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    KeČaTa Community Management
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 64.58

    I’ll answer my own question. I think it’s better to use the Favorites functionality that’s already built into bbPress.

    I’ve requested some help with better reporting. If that works, I think that’s all I need. Much better to use existing features instead of having to manage more and more plugins.

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    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1,191.66

    I’ve thought long and hard about this. And, wasted more time today, looking for an easy solution. I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s unnecessary. Let’s get back to basics.

    This is an attempt to encourage engagement. It also could reward committed contributors by prioritizing by Ŧallars. But, that overcomplicates things at this stage. Until we get more customization resources, better to stick to simple measures.

    Therefore, we should adopt the engagement measures that already exist. For ideas review, we should report each month on total page reading time. Do this whenever there is management time to process a new idea. Then change status for most engaged idea.

    To make this easy to use, all ideas should include the word ‘idea’ in the URL. And, we should review existing ideas to remove references to voting.

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      Keith Taylor
      Ŧallars: Ŧ 1,191.66

      But, even simpler than that, ideas appear in the forum stream for my review each day. Therefore, when an idea needs to be actioned, it should be marked with an “in progress” reply by a manager.

      There’s no need for formal progress settings. By definition, if a manager marks as Favorite, it is “under consideration”. When I mark it as a Favorite, it becomes “In Progress”. Therefore, I should confirm this with a reply that also includes a link to my current task list.

      For important new content from Low CTR analysis, etc, mark suggestions/ideas with “Reward Code imp/click/ctr/pos” and see if anyone asks for explanations. Can work for suggestions on a page or keyword (including groups from Search Console searches).

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