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    Keith Taylor
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    I just had a weird experience editing a bbPress topic in the Admin area.

    There were metaboxes for Comments and Discussion on my Topic edit screen! It didn’t register at first, as I’m used to seeing them on the usual WordPress Post editing screen. But, what drew my attention was, the Trackback/Pingback status was set on.

    I don’t know how it happened, but I cleared and saved it. But, it came back with the Pingback box checked as soon as I saved it! I checked the database to see if it was a display problem. But, ping_status was set to open.

    bbPress Topic Ping screenshot bbPress Topic Ping screenshot (slightly manufactured, as I already fixed it!)

    I searched to see if this was a known bug somewhere, but found nothing. I thought I’d better turn off pingbacks completely, until I could figure what was wrong. I searched for permanently disable all trackbacks and pingbacks and found a WordPress.StackExchange question: Is There a Way to Completely Turn Off Pingbacks/Trackbacks? (archive).

    That had two interesting answers. The least popular one looked best to me, as it was most recent. So, I looked at the plugin that bwillis put on GitHub: Bye Bye Pingback!. (For some reason, that won’t archive, but it’s mostly in the StackExchange archive above.)

    I was concerned about the warnings that bryanwillis rightly gave about disabling XMLRPC completely. But, I noticed he’d added a function to:

    // Just disable functionality while leaving XMLRPC intact?

    And, a database command to clear existing Pings:

    UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status="closed";

    Be careful if you try that database command. It’s perfectly safe, but running database commands is always risky. Take a backup first. Note that you might have to change wp_posts to match your WordPress configuration. If you’re on MultiSite, you will definitely have to change it.

    I thought I would run that database command first, as I was already in the database admin area. I’m glad I did!

    When I returned to WordPress Admin to check the Topic Edit screen, all additional meta-boxes had gone! 😀
    There was no reference to Comments or Discussion in the Screen Options pulldown. I was back to normal (or, at least, my WordPress was).

    I’ve no idea how this happened. If you’re curious, you might like to try manually set a ping_status to open, by editing your database. I’m just happy the problem is solved.

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    The same problem just happened on this forum. Your tip for fixing pingbacks/trackbacks in bbPress worked a treat.

    I’ve no idea what caused the problem in the first place, but I’m glad it was so easy to fix.

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