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    There’s something I don’t understand with Capabilities for bbPress Keymasters on this forum. It relates to WordPress Admin capabilities in the back-end, and bbPress capabilities in the front end.

    Keymasters should be able to edit Forums, Topics, and Replies. But, on this forum, they can’t. Even though Keymasters can work OK on other forums in this MultiSite network.

    I noticed that Keymasters could still access Forum Tools, and Forum Settings. So, as a Keymaster, I ran bbPress Forum Tools, and set all repair options. Now, WordPress doesn’t allow Forum Tools or Forum Settings. So, any forum admin has to be done by an Administrator.

    Somehow, WordPress is ignoring the extra capabilities that are defined in the Keymaster Role. I don’t understand how this can happen. Keith, can you explain this behavior, and suggest a solution?

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    Keith Taylor
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    I’m afraid I can’t work out what is going wrong here. I need to investigate, and work out which database tables are involved. That is going to take time, which I don’t have at the moment.

    Does anyone else know the database logic for WordPress roles and capabilities? Until we can fix this, I’ll have to make admin changes to this forum, as SuperAdmin. Sorry. 🙁

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