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First Resource: Website Hosting or Internet Access?

Update: I have closed this project. I’ve merged the results into a new security learning project: Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare.

My first Internet Resources are related to ISPs – Internet Service Providers.

You cannot start a web business without an ISP. Strictly speaking, you can start researching your web business offline. But, you cannot seriously commit to running a web business without a reliable provider. In edge cases, you might, for instance, simply rely on your smartphone and social media. I will help edge cases in the forum, but here, I’m concerned with the majority.

This is the start of a major project. I am identifying ISP’s, then grading them in the Internet Knowledgebase.

Internet Access Providers

These are the companies that supply your gateway to access the Internet. They include:

  • Cable and other fixed line broadband
  • Mobile broadband
  • Business Internet Access
  • Domestic Internet Access

I will organize and expand these categories as the knowledgebase grows. At the moment, I will add candidates based on genuine visitors to websites that I control. In future, I will look for other trusted sources. I’d appreciate your thoughts on Internet Access Providers, and the best way to grade them.

Website Hosting Providers

These are the companies that maintain fileservers permanently connected to the Internet. They include:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

To start, I will source candidates from traffic and security analysis. Unfortunately, this is negative process, as I identify ISPs who try to breach my security. Once I get the procedures in place, I will add other routes to include ISPs in the Knowledgebase, especially reliable hosting companies. Again, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions in Shrewdies forum.

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Internet Service: Hosting, Access, or both?

ISP Knowledgebase Candidates

After trying ISP Knowledgebase reviews, I decided to move ISP monitoring to KeČaTa. At the moment, this is an intrinsic security routine. I might derive learning articles from those security routines in future. But, for now, I log IP addresses in the KeČaTa Internet Security Records forum.
I organize ISPs according to location, mainly country. Main locations are:

Please share your experiences of ISPs in the Internet Resources forum. To log specific IP address threats or whitelist requests, use KeČaTa Internet Security Records forum.