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Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies

Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies helps new visitors.
It explains finding answers quickly at

The best way to find answers quickly is Searching.
You can find a Search Box at the top of the sidebar on the right.
Where it says Find Answers From Shrewdies.

Here’s what it looks like:

Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies

Be Shrewd! Search Shrewdies First

Your Best Answers

Most questions have more than one answer.
Searching shows many pages from the Shrewdies Learning Network.
All search results are relevant to your question. The first answer might not be best for you. So, how do you find Your Best Answers?

Take time. Check as many of the search results pages as you like.

Most pages start with who the information is intended for. Is that you? Most facts depend on certain situations. We call that Context. Does the answer match your situation?

Four things can happen next:

  1. You find the answer you need.
  2. You find an answer that almost matches your question.
  3. You cannot find a suitable answer.
  4. You learn you could ask a better question.

Your next step depends which of those situations matches you:

1. You find your answer.
That’s great! You can carry on with your life. 😀
However, it is good to leave a little thank you note where you found your answer. That encourages more fine contributions from Shrewdies Members.
2. You almost find your answer.
Ask for clarity wherever you need it.
Ask in the page where you found your answer, if appropriate. Or, start a new discussion.
If you start a new discussion, include a link to where you found your partial answer. It’s good to say exactly what you were searching for. Include reasons why you need more information.
3. You can’t find an answer.
Start a new discussion. Explain what you searched for. Say why the results you found did not satisfy you.
4. You need a better question.
Simply, search again with your new question.

Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies

You have learned:

The Search Box helps you quickly find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies

. Key points are:

  • Searching
  • Your Best Answer
  • Context
When searching, your best answer relies on context.

Whether you found your answer or not, it’s a good idea to subscribe to Update Service. That service sends you emails about new questions and answers. It’s the ideal way to learn more about subjects that interest you.

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