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The General Learning Collection For Shrewdies is not for dummies.

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Let me learn you

Let me learn you is my 7 step personal online mentoring procedure. So, this explains how I provide online mentoring. Thus, you learn how to learn quicker, using a few simple processes. Also, you will know why I say, let me learn you. Instead of, let me teach you.

Let me learn you Audience

Do you want me to help you learn online? Then, I wrote Let me learn you for you. But, even if you are using other forms of learning, it will help you understand mentoring. However, if you have specific issues that you want guidance with right now, please ask in Shrewdies Learning Forum.

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Shrewdies User Groups 2016 image

Introducing Internet User Groups For Shrewdies

Introducing Internet User Groups For Shrewdies is about organizing Internet Services to match different users. It is aimed at everyone who uses the Internet. This is a discussion to identify different groups of Internet users. Then, we can improve Internet Support Services for every type of user.

I first mentioned user groups in Discovering British Internet Service Providers.

Do you need Internet user access, website hosting, or both?

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Who Is Attacking Your Website: Wordfence image

Learning WordPress Security Threats with Wordfence & CloudFlare

Learning WordPress Security Threats with Wordfence & CloudFlare is aimed at security-conscious WordPress Administrators. It collates security threat data from Wordfence and WordPress. It provides suspicious ASN data for CloudFlare restrictions.

This page started as part of Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare. Originally, I tabulated all security data together for CloudFlare processing. Now, I’ve split the bad and suspicious IP addresses here, retaining good authorized user data in the original page.

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Wordpress Security Foundation image

Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare

Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare is aimed at webmasters who want high levels of security without restricting authorized users.

This is a group learning exercise. Nobody yet knows the absolute best way of managing Wordfence and CloudFlare together. In this extended exercise, we consider the best way to produce guidelines for webmasters. There is no time limit on this exercise. It is likely that I will use this group discussion to produce interim guidelines. Then we can continue to refine best practice in the usual way.

Please note that this discussion is about managing Wordfence together with CloudFlare. I cover the individual services in other lessons. Please ask in Shrewdies Internet Forum about either of those services in isolation.

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Depth Of Learning Levels photo

Introducing Learning Depth For Shrewdies

Introducing Learning Depth For Shrewdies is aimed at people who want to understand how to start learning with Shrewdies. I’ve written it to encourage you to tell me how intensely you want to learn.

You might not even consider yourself a learner. But, I’m here to teach stuff, and I don’t know what else to call you. You decide.

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Must Have WordPress Plugins image

Starting WordPress Plugin Knowledgebase

Though WordPress works OK out of the box, we need extra functionality to help make websites successful.

Though there are thousands of WordPress plugins available, you need to be careful. All plugins are a potential security weakness. They should be:

  • Kept to a minimum.
  • Kept up-to-date.
  • Monitored for safety.

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Internet Service image

First Resource: Website Hosting or Internet Access?

Update: I have closed this project. I’ve merged the results into a new security learning project: Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare.

My first Internet Resources are related to ISPs – Internet Service Providers.

You cannot start a web business without an ISP. Strictly speaking, you can start researching your web business offline. But, you cannot seriously commit to running a web business without a reliable provider. In edge cases, you might, for instance, simply rely on your smartphone and social media. I will help edge cases in the forum, but here, I’m concerned with the majority.

This is the start of a major project. I am identifying ISP’s, then grading them in the Internet Knowledgebase.

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