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About Learning for Shrewdies Community

About Learning for Shrewdies Community pages tell you all about the purpose of this website and how to use it. So use these pages to learn why this community exists. Then you’ll understand why it’s not like other forums.

Firstly, understand that I have re-launched this website in 2018. Which means I’ve scrapped a lot of the old content. So that I can start again with renewed purpose that integrates with other sites in the KeČaTa network.

Therefore the forum here is for all topics that don’t fit with any of my other websites. So think about the subject that you want to discuss. If it is related in any way to gout, then use the GoutPal forum. Next, if it is related to food, then use the Foodary forum. Finally, is it related to membership of any KeČaTa Community websites? If so, use the KeČaTa forum. Otherwise, use the Learning for Shrewdies forum on this website.

About Learning for Shrewdies Community

I’m adding detail pages to explain more about Shrewdies Learning Community during the last months of 2018. So I recommend you subscribe to my update service. Then you’ll get email notification when I publish new material here:

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The purpose of Shrewdies Learning Community is to help you understand which facts are important to your unique situation. Then learn about resources to resolve your problems. From simple questions to complicated puzzles.
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